YarnPro is a symbiosis of the latest Liquid Stain Repellent Technology with consistency in supreme quality and polished modernistic home furnishing fabrics to ensure long lasting, low maintenance fabrics. From coffee, to red wine, colas, soy sauce, ketchup, crayon, chocolate and ice-cream. Most common household stains are easily removed without hassle, permitting your furniture fabrics looking stain-free and pristine each year. Liquid stains can be removed mostly through water, stubborn stains will require a small amount of household soap. 


YarnPro fabrics surpass tough quality and durability tests. It’s washability and cleanability endurance is proven to withstand everyday stain and use. The stain repellent properties in the fabric will not deteriorate or wear-off after washing YarnPro fabrics.


For more info about YarnPro, please visit www.yarnpro.com


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